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Installing and Updating C_brains (Cubase 11 and Earlier)

C_brains ships as a standard .jzml file and can be installed like any other MK Lemur controller. If you are new to using MK Lemur controllers, check our main article Installing MK Lemur Controllers for first steps.

For instructions on how to update to a new version, see Software Updates: Transferring Settings to a New Version.

1. Install Logical Editor Presets

  1. Quit Cubase.
  2. Drag the C_brains Command Set folder into Cubase’s Logical Edit presets folder.
*Your Username / Library / Preferences / *Your version of Cubase / Presets / Logical Edit

Tip #1: If the Library folder is hidden, click on “Go’ in the Finder menu bar, then hold down the alt key to reveal the Library folder.

Tip #2: Some installations of Cubase might not create a Logical Edit folder. Just create a folder named Logical Edit f it doesn’t exist.
C: // Users / *Your Username / AppData / Roaming / Steinberg / *Your version of Cubase / Presets / Logical Edit

Tip: The easiest way to jump to this file location is to open the command prompt and type %appdata%/Steinberg

2. Install Generic Remotes

  1. Launch Cubase.
  2. Go to Studio/Studio Setup…
  3. Click the + button at the top-left and create two new Generic Remotes.
  1. Select the first remote and import the C_brains Part 1 of 2 remote. Click Apply.
  2. Select the second remote and import C_brains Part 2 of 2 remote. Click Apply.

3. Connect MIDI to Remotes

  1. Open the first Generic Remote and assign the MIDI input for C_brains Target. Set the output to Not Connected.
  2. Repeat for the second Remote.
  3. Press OK.

4. Block Cubase from recording C_brains and MKConnect’s output on your tracks

  1. Go to MIDI Port Setup.
  2. Uncheck C_brains’ and MKConnect’s MIDI connections from In ‘All MIDI’.

5. Ensure MIDI Display Resolution is set to Cubase defaults

For the Selector to properly perform rhythmic selections, Cubase’s MIDI display resolution must be set to the default setting of 480 PPQ (120 Ticks). This setting can be found in Cubase Preferences: MIDI.

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