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Modifying MIDI Events

Use Transformation Panels to perform modifications such as transpose, nudge, and convert. Use the Selector in combination with the Transformation Panels to perform complex editing operations.

CC/PGM #-#

Convert controller and program change numbers.

This is useful, for example, when one of your virtual instruments uses CC#11 to control dynamics, and you want to copy the part to another virtual instrument that uses CC#1.

Vel/CC/PB %

Change note velocity, controller value, or pitchbend.

This Transformer applies to all selected MIDI messages, so if you only want to change note velocities, make sure no CCs are selected.

  • Use the Wheel to set all to the same value (0-127).
  • Use the + or – buttons to increment/decrement by the selected value (1, 5, 10).


Transpose notes up or down.

  • Hold the Copy button before pressing to copy-transpose. New notes will be created at the interval.

Nudge / Note Trim

Nudging applies to all selected MIDI messages, regardless of type. Note trim only affects notes.

  • Hold a Note-Trim button to temporarily toggle the arrows between Note-Trim and Nudge.
  • Double-tap a Note-Trim button to lock-toggle.

Tips for nudging:

  • Nudge by grid when you want to nudge amounts relative to a rhythmic value.
  • 10 Ticks is useful as a general nudge value when you need to slightly move data ahead or behind the beat, for example to compensate for “laggy” virtual instrument response, or to introduce slight humanization. There is also a dedicated Humanize button.
  • Nudging by 1 Frame is indispensable to film composers who need to closely match video.

Set Channel

Set the channel of selected MIDI events in multi-timbral MIDI regions.

Delete Overlaps

  • Delete Overlaps (Mono) deletes overlaps on the same pitch.
  • Delete Overlaps (Poly) deletes overlaps on different pitches.


Add slight randomization to note velocity and rhythm.

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