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Composer Tools Pro Utility Controls

Composer Tools Pro comes with several additional useful tools for composers such as a MIDI Event Generator and MIDI Harp.

Utility Buttons

A grid of 168 buttons to control DAW key commands and macros. Each button can send up to 5 custom MIDI messages to build up complex macros.

To open the Utility Button window, tap the Util button at the bottom-right of the project window. By default, the window disappears when you release the button, but you can set it to latch by double-tapping.

For more information about your DAW’s ability to use MIDI to trigger key commands, consult the product guide. There are also MIDI compatible third-party tools such as Keyboard Maestro for macOS.

Utility Button Settings

  1. Label – The button title.
  2. Color – The button colour.
  3. Lemur Target – MIDI message Target.
  4. Channel – MIDI message channel.
  5. Outputs – Custom MIDI messages.
  6. Wait Between Messages – Puts a delay between each message. Some DAWs might require a bit of time to complete a command.


Generate pulsating control change messages for rhythmic effects.

MIDI Event Generator

Generate arbitrary MIDI events for debugging or testing purposes.

Universal Faders

8 universally accessible faders.

Suggested use: control studio levels such as main volume or headphone sends.

Universal Fader Settings

  1. Name – The fader title.
  2. CC – The controller number to send.
  3. Channel – The output MIDI channel.
  4. Lemur Target – The output Lemur Target.

Harp Controller

Play real-time harp glissandos.

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