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Composer Tools Pro Directory and Memory Management

Composer Tools Pro stores presets in memory banks. Each bank can hold 256 presets. Memory Banks are standard Lemur jzlib files that can be exported/imported like any other. This makes it easy to add new memory banks if you need more presets, and export/import them to be backed up or shared.

Lemur has a finite amount of memory. Never import more memory banks than needed. Lemur will behave unpredictably if your project size exceeds the limit. Do not use memory banks to organize presets. Instead, assign preset search tags. For more information, see: Creating Presets.

Try to reuse presets. If two different sample libraries use the same settings, use the same preset for both rather than duplicating it. This saves memory and is easier to maintain.


To view and organize your presets, navigate to the directory. There you can filter presets by sample library developer and instrumental family. The directory also features the ability to multi-edit presets. For more information, see: Multi-Editing Presets

Composer Tools Pro Directory
  1. Banks Tab
  2. Search Filters
  3. Directory Operations
  • Holding the ‘Family’ button while selecting an instrument filters all instruments in that family, i.e. Woodwinds, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoons.
  • Assign a favourite by pressing the Favourite button and tapping the preset.
  • Edit a preset’s general settings directly in the directory by pressing Settings and tapping the preset. For more information on preset general settings, see: Creating Presets.

Location of Memory Banks

Memory banks are located in User/_Mem/Banks:

  1. Open your Composer Tools project in the Lemur Editor.
  2. Expand the Composer_Tools_Pro folder and go to User/_Mem/Banks.
Location of memory banks.

Adding/Importing Memory Banks

Composer Tools Pro comes with an empty memory bank file, CTPro Memory Bank.jzlib. If you need more than 256 presets, import it into User/_Mem/Banks.

To import memory banks into Composer Tools Pro:

  1. Right-click Banks.
  2. Click Import.

Exporting Memory Banks

To export your presets so that they can be backed up or shared:

  1. Right-click on the bank.
  2. Click Export.

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