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Troubleshooting MKConnect Issues

If you are having license key activation, MIDI connection, or UI issues with MKConnect, check this article. For general MIDI connection troubleshooting, check our main article Troubleshooting MIDI Connections.

Exceeded available licenses

If you need to reset your activations, contact us and we will gladly reset them. You may need to do this, for example, if you do a clean OS install without first deactivating the license.

Each purchase of an MK Lemur controller includes 2 activations to run on 2 separate machines. Activate/deactivate a machine at any time to move activations to different machines.

Lemur Editor cannot connect to MKConnect

It is not possible to connect MIDI to the Lemur Editor. The Editor is purely an interface builder. Only once you transfer your project to the Lemur app does it become live.

My product shows Unlicensed but my license is activated

This is typically caused by your Lemur project exceeding the memory limit. Lemur has a finite amount of memory. Composer Tools Pro users in particular should not install more memory banks than needed.

MKConnect forgets MIDI port connections on computer restart

This is caused by MKConnect starting up before your MIDI devices. This typically only happens on macOS. Adjust MKConnect’s launch delay slider to ensure your MIDI devices have had a chance to load first.

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