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Troubleshooting Lemur UI Issues

If the UI for either the Lemur app or the Lemur Editor doesn’t behave as expected, check this article for troubleshooting the most common issues.

For issues related to MIDI connectivity, see our dedicated article Troubleshooting MIDI Connections.

Unresponsive/Missing Lemur Editor Window

On macOS there is a known issue which could cause you to be unable to view or interact with the Lemur Editor window. This issue is caused by the Lemur Editor not scaling its window position when using large external displays, particularly in multi-monitor setups.

This can usually be fixed by temporarily dropping to a lower screen resolution:

  1. Go to macOS System Preferences/Displays.
  2. Change the screen resolution of all monitors to Scaled 1280 x 800.
  3. Resize the Lemur Editor Window to the smallest size, and position it in the top-left corner of your leftmost display.
  4. Restore the screen resolution back to higher settings.

If the Editor window remains unresponsive, repeat these steps with a different window position or resolution. You may need to disconnect secondary displays and experiment a little.

It is not possible to connect MIDI to the Lemur Editor. The Editor is purely an interface builder. Only once you transfer your project to the Lemur app does it become live.

Unable to interact with controls in the Lemur Editor

In order to emulate touches, hold the E key on your keyboard while you click.

UI partially missing or hidden

This is caused by going over the Lemur project size limit. A single Lemur project has a finite amount of memory. Exceeding this limit causes Lemur to fail to redraw some controls, or may make controls unresponsive.

You can see Lemur project memory consumption in the bottom-right corner of the Lemur Editor:

Lemur project memory consumption

Try to delete any unused controls or move them to second device. Composer Tools Pro users in particular should not install more memory banks than needed.

Lemur Editor can’t find my mobile device

Make sure your PC and your mobile device are on the same wireless network, and that the Lemur app is launched.

Wireless transfer of Lemur projects

Can’t import .jzlib files into the Lemur Editor

You must first create an interface. Click the New Interface button at the bottom-right of the Lemur Editor:

Lemur Editor Create Interface button

Lemur More Settings page crashes connecting MIDI to Targets

Before making the connection, wait one or two seconds after tapping open the window. The Lemur app may require a moment to correctly query your studio for all available MIDI connections. You may even need to scroll slowly through the connections list.

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