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MK Transport Logic Setup

To configure MK Transport for Logic:

1. Load MK Transport Logic command set.

  1. In MKTransport, tap the MK Logo and go to Prefs/DAW.
  2. Tap Logic.

2. Install Mackie Control Surface.

  1. Open Logic, and go to Logic Pro X/Control Surfaces/Setup…

If you don’t see this command, go to Preferences/Advanced Tools, and enable Show Advanced Controls.

  1. Click New/Install…
  2. Select Mackie Designs : Mackie Control : Logic Control, and click Add.

3. Connect MIDI to Control Surface.

At the top of the Device panel, assign the MIDI output/input port to MK Transport’s main Target connections.

4. Teach Logic new key commands.

  1. Count-in
  2. Create Marker without Rounding
  3. Rewind One Frame
  4. Forward One Frame

For each of the above commands:

  1. Go to Logic Pro X/Key Commands/Edit…
  2. Search for the command, select it, and click Learn New Assignment.
  1. Tap the corresponding button for the command.

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