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MK Transport Cubase Setup

To configure MK Transport for Cubase:

1. Load MK Transport Cubase command set

  1. In MK Transport, tap the MK logo and go to Preferences/DAW.
  2. Tap Cubase.

2. Create remotes

  1. Open Cubase and go to Studio/Studio Setup…
  2. Click the + button at the top left and create:
  • 1 Generic Remote
  • 1 Mackie Control
  1. Select the Generic Remote and import the MK Transport 2 Generic Remote. The remote is included in your download folder.

3. Connect MIDI to Remotes

  1. Assign the Generic Remote inputs/outputs to the MK Transport Lemur Target connections.
  2. Repeat for the Mackie Control.

4. Block Cubase from recording MK Transport and MKConnect’s output

  1. In MIDI Port Setup, uncheck the MIDI connections from the In ‘All MIDI’ device column. This prevents Cubase from recording MK Transport’s output on your MIDI tracks.

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