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MKMIDIMonitor is a simple utility that allows you to see the MIDI coming into Lemur. It is completely DRM free and doesn’t require MKConnect in order to work.


MKMIDIMonitor ships as a standard jzlib file and can simply be imported into any existing Lemur project. If you are new to Lemur you can find more information about installing jzlib files in our article Intro to Lemur.


  • Use on any size device. Drag the resize arrows to resize.
  • ┬áDrag the title bar to move.
  • Horizontal scrolling to see long sysex messages.
  • ┬áDouble tap the text area to clear all text.
  • Filter by Lemur target, MIDI channel, and command type.

Supported Command Types:

  • Note
  • Key Pressure
  • Control Change
  • Program Change
  • Channel Pressure
  • Pitchbend
  • Sysex

Display Options:

Print Description
Prints a user-friendly representation of the MIDI data.
i.e. CH16 Control Change 11 127

Print Bytes
Prints the raw MIDI data.
i.e. [191, 11, 127]

Bytes to Hex
The raw MIDI data will be printed in hexadecimal.
i.e. [0xBF, 0x0B, 0x7F]

Center Pitchbend
Represent pitchbend values in the commonly used range of -8192 to 8191, with 0 being center (no pitchbend). Otherwise, uses the range 0 to 16383.