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If you can’t find the answer to what you need on our site, contact us and we’d be glad to help. Here are our most frequently asked questions:

Why does the controller say ‘Disconnected’ in the Lemur Editor?
No MIDI flows in or out of the Lemur Editor. It is strictly an interface builder. Once you transfer your project to the Lemur App it will connect MIDI. To learn how to transfer your project from the Lemur Editor to the Lemur app, see Intro to Lemur.
Why can’t I click on anything in the Lemur Editor?
Hold the E key on your computer keyboard while you click. This puts the Lemur Editor in Touch-Emulation Mode.
Why are some UI elements missing from my project?
This is typically caused by going over Lemur’s memory limit. A Lemur project has a finite amount of memory. Try to delete unused components. Composer Tools Pro users in particular should not install more memory banks than needed. If you want to organize your presets, use the dedicated search tags. Multiple tablets may be required to run very large studio setups with multiple controllers.
MK Connect is telling me I am out of activations. How do I get more?
Easy! Use our dedicated form.
How do I transfer my projects to/from the Lemur App to the Lemur Editor.
You can find instructions in our Intro to Lemur article.
How do I change Composer Tools Pro’s keyswitches so that the entire button is coloured?
In newer version of Composer Tools Pro the fully-coloured keyswitches have been replaced with coloured bars. This offers a more consistent user experience. All MIDI Kinetics controllers will be moving to this style.